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NeFKomp Eco-friendly compressor which only delivers clean air by applying oil-free system for compressing.

Oil – Free

NeFKomp Air End

  • 2 staged compressing structure
    -High efficiency
    - Energy-saving
    - Operating cost-saving
    - Realization of perfect Oil-free
    1. Perfect clean air
      Complete separation between the lubricating oil for gears & bearings and oil-free compressed air by sealing design of high reliability approved in the field.

  • High efficiency compared to electric power consumption
    High efficiency through the gap minimization between the GHH RAND rotor and housing with the excellent “ultra coating” for durability, which is developed by the long-time research & development and the field test.
  • Low noise
    Low speed operation with reduction of friction and vibration secured by tighter rotor gap.

  • Excellent operation air
    Smooth operation is guaranteed by the anti-friction bearings and the mechanically stabilized rotors.

  • Robust design
    Reliable operation in a poor environment with dust, humid, cold or hot weather.

  • Long life-span
    Designing and arrangement of the optimized bearings for anti-vibration and long life-span.

  • Anti-corrosiveness in high pressure
    Removing potential damage of rotors from corrosion after a long period of running by applying stainless steel materials.
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