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38 years’ experience of manufacturing of air compressors!
We present the 21st century next generation compressor to all of our valued customers!

  • NexKomp provides a comfortable working environment by minimizing the installation space and designing of low noise level & anti-vibration
  • An improvement in efficiency and anti-noise are acquired by low speed driving method.
  • Oil and air leakage-proof from the compressor is realized through the reduction of piping sections.

Model: NeX-37A

  1. Minimum pressure valve
    -Maintaining the optimum setting pressure to protect the oil carryover
    -Maintaining the internal input pressure and prevention of back-flow of the compressed air

  2. Air suction filter
    -Removing the dust and foreign materials in the air
    -High filter performance
    -Easy checking and exchanging of the filter

  3. Air suction valve
    -Maintenance cost-saving and durability secured by the all-in-one type with solenoid valve box to manipulate and control the purge at a time.

  4. Oil separator
    - Effect of restraining the remained oil and vapor in the saturated air.
    - Easy maintenance

  5. Air end
    The key of a screw compressor is an air end. The air end of NeXKomp guarantees an extraordinary performance in 24-hour consecutive operation per day in the worst environment as it is made by a high precision process
    -High efficiency: Energy consumption saving with maximized performance and efficiency.
    -Long life span: Optimum bearing designing and arrangement with low vibration level and long life span
    -Leakage protection: Solving the leakage problem with triple sealing and special return line at the intake of air end.

  6. Oil filter
    -Removing the foreign materials in lubricating oil
    -Extension of the life span of lubricating oil and an air end

  7. Cooler
    -Excellent cooling performance with the maximization of heat radiating area

  8. Fan
    -Strong structure
    -Easy checking and maintenance
    -Silent operation by low speed driving

  9. Digital controller
    -Easy interface and convenience for user:
    Simple DDC setting
    Easy checking the operation condition through LCD
    Easy checking the equipment condition even in a poor condition of extreme temperature change with the LCD auto contrast function built-in
    -Timer set operation)Option_: Provision of the convenience for the user via the timer set operation function
    -Alarm for maintenance: Maintenance alarming function for the proper period of filter cleaning, oil exchange, overhauling and etc.
    -Black box: Automatic saving 200 events to the maximum/Provision of the data on the analysis on the malfunction.

  10. Electric motor
    -High-efficiency electric motor applied
    -Energy-saving effect
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